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Wedding season, which includes the months of June through October, is upon us. This means that at some point in the evening you will most likely witness the bride and groom cut into their intricately decorated cake for a champagne toast. The cake is usually layered with fruit or flavored cream and covered in fondant, a dense icing used to protect the delicate cake (quite like the rind on a cheese). More and more frequently though, people are starting to break with tradition and serve things like cupcakes, pastries and cheesecake. But what about a cheese cake! That’s right; I do in fact literally mean a cake made out of wheels of cheese.

A growing trend over the past couple of years, cheese wedding cakes are catching on fast and their popularity shows no signs of stopping. Incredible tiered cakes are being designed for cheese lovers and their guests and the response has been amazing. Not only do these cakes keep up with their sweet counterparts in the decoration department, they also pair better with most of the alcoholic beverages being served. Largely considered a delightful way to conclude the meal, the cheese cake can also be used as a normal cheese course would, between the entrée and the dessert.

These cakes truly make an impressive statement both visually and culinarily. To please what is sure to be a multitude of different tastes, try to find cheeses with varying flavors and textures. Just as a cheese course offers a few different selections that come together in a harmonious way, so should your cake. One idea is to order the tiers from the mildest cheese at the bottom up to the strongest cheese on the top. Plan for about one to two ounces per guest when considering how much to buy. It’s really very simple to assemble one of these cakes on your own and if you’re having a small wedding, there are many small wheels to use. Go about it just like you would a cake tasting but instead of visiting bakeries, visit a few different cheese makers and retailers who will be glad to help you sample and select your tiers.

When serving your guests, provide accompaniments that reflect your taste such as crackers, fruit, preserves, vegetable confits and nuts. Even with all the fixings a cheese cake is usually more affordable than a traditional one. So whether you’re a fanatic for fromage or just a bride-to-be who wants to try something unique, consider adding your figurines to the top of a cheese cake!

Our artisan cheese is available by the wheel, starting at two pounds, and was recently featured on a cake at a wedding in Chico, CA. The five-tier cake was put together by Nathan Johnson, owner and executive chef at The Kitchen Table in Chico. His creation included, from bottom to top, our Northern Gold, our Truffle covered in fig paste, Shaft’s bleu cheese, our Tipsy Cow which is soaked in a Petite Sirah from Mount Tehama Winery in Manton, CA, and it was topped with a wheel of fromage blanc from our neighbors over at Orland Farmstead Creamery. Please let us know if we can assist you in making a delicious dream cake for your special day.


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