Black Butte Reserve & Northern Gold Wheel Combo

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This deal is for 1/2 Northern Gold Wheel and 1/2 Black Butte Reserve Wheel.

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Black Butte Reserve is a premium cheese, aged at least 6 months and made only during spring when the grasses are lush. The creamy, robust cheese boasts flavors that are sharp and grassy. A creamy texture makes it particularly delicious for fondue and macaroni and cheese. It pairs quite nicely with a meaty red wine and also goes well with Port, which brings out caramel notes in the cheese.

Northern Gold is where it all began. The buttery original. The name comes from the lovely golden color of the cheese; the flavors are smooth and nutty. A perfect snacking cheese. Enjoy it sliced on a sandwich, melted on a burger or shredded in a salad. It’s also a real treat to enjoy slices along with your favorite full-bodied microbrew.

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